1,2,3 test…(2)

I’ve been quite busy in the last weeks:

I presented my project at the [PD user group] in Berlin and got some interesting feedback. They would like to exhibit the Diskokugel or an installation based on it at the final party of this years [pd-con]. I feel honored but I have no idea if I can actually make it until then. Money is also an issue here. Having all the circuit boards made will cost…

I solved half of my clicking problem by getting the synchronization with the sound phase to work. Still, clicking occurs and since there was no oscilloscope at hand, I recorded it to make sure it’s not some kind of acoustic illusion due to differences in speaker loudness. The waveform clearly shows a distortion when the speaker is activated. When it’s turned off, something produces a sudden click and then the speaker swings out.

I will meet with Nobody and Christian (god praise his patience!) at the [sublab] this weekend and we will check the whole setup with an oscilloscope. I hope that we can fix this easily.

The noise occurring when a speaker is activated

When the speaker is turned of, something gives it an extra push.


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