PLC Project: Some Specifications

I could run simulations in my mind on what configuration would turn out how and how it would affect my further design, yadayadayada. Lets get some facts down about what I need, want to achieve, or simply have decided (be it out of lazyness, sheer desperation or from flipping a coin).


  • DIN rail form factor
  • AtMega2560 based
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Ethernet
  • 12V supply voltage
  • nice to have: LED Indicators for IOs

Additional Features:

  • Relays (230V)
  • Power Outputs 5V/12V 1A
  • Optocoupler IOs
  • nice to have: all IOs optically isolated
  • nice to have: debounced limited outputs for buttons

As I write I started pestering reddit with my questions on [possible circuits] and [requirements]. Let’s see what it leads to :)

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