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Diskokugel 0.2

Friday, August 13th, 2010


Ok, so after 4 days of soldering witness the new version of “Diskokugel” with speakers attached. I am quite satisfied with the looks.

out now: 0.2beta

out now: 0.2beta

The longer you look, the more patterns you'll find...

The longer you look, the more patterns you'll find...

The wireframe. Withe the background cancelled out it's more comprehensible.

The wireframe. With the the background cancelled out it's more comprehensible.

Doing all the soldering I had plenty of time to contemplate on the design so far:
The wireframe has quite a few disadvantages considering the further construction. It is not very exact, not very stable and I haven’t figured out a way to construct and attach proper enclosures for the individual speakers to prevent the acoustic cancelation of lower frequencies.
I could fill the whole thing with polyurethane foam and carve it out like a pumpkin, but that’s not what I’d call elegant. So I am considering to somehow build the thing on a plastic basis. Cast it, mill it with a cnc-mill, whatever…
Anyway, I will leave this problem be for now and rather start working with the existing model. That means:
– get an Arduino
– connect it to the existing circuit and PD
– put it all into the ball and check out what it can do

All that in probably two weeks, because now I need a vacation from it all.


view gallery Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Frequenzwechsel was conceived as festival radio, connecting visitors, artistsand festival crew. As an alternative to the usual sound clash on the camping site we delivered¬† a common fm radio signal with music and information on what was going on for everybody, including the crews quarters and cafeteria. We also involved the audience by giving a platform to visitors to present their own musical projects and play as djs in our studio. (more…)


view gallery Sunday, May 26th, 2002

Klanginstallation bei der Ausstellung zum Klangkunstfestival “Inventionen” 2002. In das Treppenhaus der alten Staatsbank in Berlin wurde eine 12m hohe Murmelbahn gebaut.

Sound installation for the “Inventionen” 2002¬† sound art festival. A marble run, 12 meters high, was built into the stairwell of the former federal bank building, Berlin.