My Turntable Tower

A few years ago a friend of mine gave me his old Syrincs M3-220 Monitor System which Satellites had given up service. Repairing them was quite straight forward as some diodes and caps had blown, probably in unison with the tweeters (as to who took whom down, I leave that to the pros). Finding replacement for the tweeters was a bit harder because mine was an older model and a fitting 6 Ohm (why?!?)  tweeter wasn’t available. I ended up with a combination of the replacement of more recent date, salvaged front plates and epoxy…

Ok, so I’ve good a pretty good sound system there. What now? It had been a long time since I’ve touched my turntables and I was missing the sound of vinyl quite a lot. Main reason I didn’t get the things out of their crates and connected them to a stereo is that I was simply too lazy and I didn’t find the right place for the setup in my room. My BassJump provided me with a bearable solution (both in weight and quality) for a while, but feeling the bass is something different.

Some time ago I was at an exhibition of Jay Gard and I decided I wanted to build something in that direction. So here it is:


Turn Table Tower


The front panel features a rotary switch for off/line in/phono/bluetooth (bt not integrated yet) and the volume and bass pots of the sound system. to have more control of the sound I added a Behringer EQ . It adds quite some noise, probably the power supply, but it’s alright. All in all I’m very happy with what I got. Vinyl is back in the game and placing my monitor on top of the box provides me with a nice home cinema sound.


I am in the process of getting the building plans done in Fusion360 as an exercise and will provide them here if anyone’s interested.

2 Responses to “My Turntable Tower”

  1. Mabifi says:

    Big one! Mucho love! Lets get a generator again!

  2. Ostderby says:

    Yo Brudi,

    Haare nice, Socken fly und ein wavy mobile Soundsystem!