What’s your addiction?

It’s been such a long time since my last post, it makes me wonder if there is anybody left who remembers this blog (or its owner for that matter). Except, of course, those busy little spambots who drop by quite frequently, mostly trying to point me to addiction treatments lately. Could it be that the internet thinks I stopped blogging due to some drug problem? Well…

A recent (actually january feels _very_ far away by now) extended trip to Colombia could point prejudiced souls (and bots) in that direction. But actually it’s not the good old puffing, sniffing or shooting things up that keeps me from leaving messages to strangers on this digital outpost of mine. It is work. Plain and simple. It’s not an overdose, it’s rather the suddenly continuous supply, and thus consume, that distracts me from this representative duty. As of february I joined Fast Forward Imaging, developing and building devices for 360 degree product photography. Since then, tasks keep on coming in and I struggle to restrain myself to a healthy amount of work at a time. In the past, freelancing on a project basis, I used to take what I could get and finish it all as fast as I could, knowing I’d go into recovery once the supply ran out. Now I am sitting on a monster stash that will rather finish me than the other way around.


I hope this metaphor transports my struggle as well as the fun I’m having doing what I’m doing. For the past months there were no timeouts to write a little explaining article about what I was learning. Believe me though, I learned quite a lot, and one of these days I hopefully will find the time to write about it.


So stay tuned ;)

So viel Sand und keine Förmchen… Where did you spend new years eve?

So viel Sand und keine Förmchen… Where did you spend new years eve?

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