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A Tribute To The Grey Days

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Winter kicked in at last here in Leipzig and it was was about time. The body was already exhausted, not knowing whether to start producing those spring-related hormones or to tell the soul to retreat into its snail-shell, get out those good old cheesy records and have a tea. Now, finally, the latter it did. And by doing so it produced a new trip-hop music mix for all of you to listen to. (more…)

Sirens of 2001 Mix

Tuesday, February 20th, 2001

The third (and last) of the sirens series. As cheesy as the other ones, with some goodies and rarities. Check out the tori amos remix by king britt and “whistle, daughter, whistle”. Tracklist here: (more…)

Sirens of 1999 Mix

Saturday, February 20th, 1999

The Sirens-Series actually started in 1998 and was my first actual mix with something like a concept. Concept was to

– do a trip-hop mix with womens voices

– impress women :-)

The first mix was done directly on a tape that was destroyed before it could be digitized. This second one was also done for a tape and thus has two parts. Check out the tracklisting: (more…)