A Tribute To The Grey Days

Winter kicked in at last here in Leipzig and it was was about time. The body was already exhausted, not knowing whether to start producing those spring-related hormones or to tell the soul to retreat into its snail-shell, get out those good old cheesy records and have a tea. Now, finally, the latter it did. And by doing so it produced a new trip-hop music mix for all of you to listen to.

  • 01) intro: tiny tim “welcome to my dream”
  • 02) herbaliser “mrs chumbee takes the plunge (rmx)”
  • 03) pressure drop “promises”
  • 04) earthling “saturated”
  • 05) tricky “suffocated love”
  • 06) erik sumo “friday i’ll be dead”
  • 07) earthling “echo on my mind”
  • 08) dj shadow “mongrel”
  • 09) dj shadow “blood on the motorway”
  • 10) bugge wesseltoft “you might say”
  • 11) the moody blues “nights in white satin”
  • 12) dj shadow “6 days”
  • 13) erik sumo “my rocky mountain”
  • 14) pressure drop “let me be me”
  • 15) tricky “contradictive”
  • 16) ideal “sex in der wüste”
  • 17) outro: tiny tim “tip-toe thru the tulips with me”

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