Building Controllers 0.1 [updated]

Being a fan of customized user interfaces, I started building me a small mixing desk controller.

The idea is to in the end have a set channel modules that I can stick together and have a mixing desk controller of the size I need. Below you see my first test version that has 5 Channels with 5 potis and one slider and a button with led each (makes 30 potis/sliders in total). They’re connected via the obligatory Arduino, multiplexing one analog in via a combination of 4094 registers and 4051 multiplexers.

As you can see, the first board design needed a considerable amount of hacking. The main feature, a backchannel that feeds 5 vu meters with audio levels, isn’t on the board yet. But so far it works.┬áStay tuned…


The Dark Side. Quite a few bridges were to be made...


Front view. The pcb is a standard EU (16x10cm). Pretty compact :)


I took a back plate of one of our enclosures at work to build an enclosure for the mixer. I already managed to control PureData and Ableton with it. Next is Virtual DJ. It’s fun for sure!

Now with a little improvised front plate

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