Its been a long time

I should apologize for my long blogging abstinence, especially since no blogging usually means all the more has happened.

I was extremely busy with my new job at KOMA, learning a lot at the same time. I tried to attend an online electronics engineering class of MIT at the same time, but I had to let that go because my time didn’t suffice to make up for all the math I would have had to relearn to understand what they were talking about.

Meanwhile I continued to work on the new Diskokugel board. Christian sent me a schematic using a BT4863 as amplifier. The ones he got are a smd chips, so I redesigned the whole board for the use of smd parts. I sent the result to Christian and maybe we get to test it this weekend.

It was my first project using Kicad instead of EAGLE for circuit board design. We use Kicad at work and I actually found it better to use than EAGLE, even though I had to run it on a virtual Linux because I was to lazy to compile the latest source for Mac.

On other news: the CNC project is delayed until further notice due to missing resources (meaning time and motivation). My work at KOMA inspired me to do more with music again, which led to the idea to build a dub delay and a modular OSC controller. Let’s see what happens there. Actually, I wish these new ideas would stop so I get to finish some of the stuff done that I came up with in the past…

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