Solar Collect Call by Thomas Saraceno

A friend from Studio Saraceno called because some solar panel mirrors had to be assembled here in Berlin. Those are actually large frames with solar panel foil behind a glass coated with some reflecting film. Inside the frame is a battery thats loaded by the solar foil and provides power to load cell phones and such. Looks quite nice but the efficiency is greatly reduced by the fact that the foil has to laminated to be applied to the frame without folding and breaking. The film on the glass further reduces the amount of UV light that reaches the foil. since we worked indoors there was no way to do some measurement.

the solar foil

the mirror

To apply that film they extra sent the stuff from Frankfurt to Berlin, but apparently the guys who did it here didn’t do their job too well, judging from the scratches on the glass and dirt behind the film. There seems to be some kind of magic to it, since even the manufacturer of the film doesn’t seem to know how to handle this.

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