Vollmond Party Weimar

Party at the E-Werk yesterday was mostly chillout. Sunfish is two girls doing spherical live loop effects with voice and a fender rhodes. If I hadn’t been so stressed by the fact that i forgot half my equipment at home I probably could have appreciated them more. Anyway, Who-Be once again did a great job lighting the location. Who-Be also iniciated the Vollmond series. Actually part of the theater in Weimar it hosts all kinds of experimental events. Entry is free, which leads to a very mixed audience from Bauhaus and Franz Liszt students to old unempoyed folks you wouldn’t normally expect there. Sadly enough the theater itsself treats such initiatives rather like a step-child…

After the concert there wasn’t much energy in the room to set up a dancing crowd, but in the end I got the remaining people dancing.

And earned my next date for Walpurgisnacht at the E-Werk which is bound to be a party in the real sense of the word :-)

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