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Dive! IIis a closed circuit video installation aiming to illustrate my personal views on the element water and some of its characteristics.

There is a human urge for freedom and security. It is a fundamental contradiction that keeps us occupied permanently. In mundane situation, political decisions or relationships – we’re constantly forced to make a compromise and sacrifice one for the other. I associate this contradictional urge with the characteristic of water to embrace the human body while not holding on to it.

The contradiction that exists¬† on land doen’t exist under water. I can move freely in all three dimensions without the fear of falling.

The first of two rooms in Dive! II is supposed to make people aware of this characteristic of water.  With a projection of a water surface viewed from below, it simulates a surrounding under water. The absence of weightlesness as the main difference between simulation and reality is supposed to emphasize this characteristic.

In the second room a big water basin is used to demonstrate that our body is alienated from the element. What we were missing in the first room is a utopia we will never experience in its pure form.

With these two rooms Dive! II creates two worlds, one above and one below the water surface, that can communicate through the element. Thus it is possible for the visitor to get involved with the installation in a playful way.



> Diplom Thesis (.pdf – 4,7 mb german) (Layout: Ricarda Porzelt)

> Sketchbook (.pdf – 38 mb)

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