For the Popupshop exhibition in Frankfurt I equipped a stuffed cookie monster with a theremin and a speaker.

Upon invitation to contribute to the Popupshop exhibition in Frankfurt/Main, and on short notice, I equipped a stuffed-toy Cookie Monster with a theremin. I used a “Minimum Theremin,” based on the design on Art’s Theremin Page. I added an amplifier and an old loudspeaker that I found in my father’s basement. When the belly is pressed, the Cookie Monster starts to mewl (in German, “quäken”) according to the intensity of the pressure. The heavy head instinctively makes people handle it like a baby.

> minimal_theremin.zip (zip file schematics and layout as .gif)

> Art’s Theremin Homepage (this is where the original schematic came from. There’s a thorough documentation, further texts and theremin schematics. Art is very nice and helpful with questions)

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