Alice Adventures Underground

alice_thumb01Video dramaturgy and technical assistance for a puppet theatre production with live cameras at the Puppentheater Waidspeicher, Erfurt.

Director: Bernd Weißig

„Alices Adventures Under Ground“ is a modern adaption of Lewis Carrols „Alice in Wonderland“. Director Bernd Weißig wanted to use CCD cameras for his production used by actors on and behind the stage. I organised installed the required equipment. During rehearsals I staged some of the video scenes and assisted the director in the implementation of the video scenes.

For the entry of the Cheshire Cat the face of the actress was projected on the brown paper stage setting (designed by Franz Zauleck). By holding white boards into the projection the mouth and one eye were accentuated spatially through the difference in sharpness and contrast. They appeared to float in space.

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