Die Räuber – Short Circuits Vol. II

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The performance created by Felix Ensslin and Markus Schmickler was staged in course of the conference “Spieltrieb” in Weimar. I filmed one of Brock Enrights commercial “kidnappings” that took place backstage at the same time. The pictures of the tortured woman were projected on a screen on stage.

Excerpts of “The Robbers” by Schiller, Thomas Mann and Nietsche were read by actors accompanied by noise music and videos by Brock Enright. In the last third of the performance a woman “kidnapped” by Enright was tortured and filmed within her own staging of a kidnapping.

The pictures of my camera were projected on a big screen fron stage. I filmed in extreme close-up so the details sometimes blurred into undefinable textures giving way for the imagination of the audience. The audience was tricked into wanting to see more of what it believed was an act of violence it actually rejected to see. Finally, the woman was dragged into the projection by her “kidnappers”, together producing a shadow sculpture within their own image.

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