A Sign of Life

My last post is 4 months old, I would’t blame you if you thought I gave up on it all. But you should know better! In fact, a true connaisseur of yours truly, ruling out a terrible accident in which I lost both hands and my brain,  would know this can only mean I have been terribly busy making things(tm) happen. And indeed, things happened. Whether I made them happen or they chose to happen to me is a rather metaphysical question, but such subjects shall be covered elsewhere. In this post I shall restrain myself to a mere list of events. Depending on the subject, details might or might not be provided in other posts.

  • I started working as a Hardware Developer for [Fast Forward Imaging], designing pcbs for their machines
  • my laptop got stolen
  • I continued to design the next generation of [kwäek.control], but after a brief test had to realize, I’ll need to start over.
  • my father had a stroke (he recovered fast, but I was quite thrown out of balance)
  • I got deeper into Arduino- and C-programming
  • I had one of the most relaxing holidays of my life, spending a week on a houseboat
  • I lost my purse, keys and sketchbook and someone used my EC-card to relieve me of my hard earned money the same day
  • I continued to work on [Diskokugel], starting an actual assembly of the ball
  • I stated building a panel with speakers that uses the Diskokugel technology to have a decorative system replacing the [cable salad] that infested my bedroom wall about 2 years(!) ago

The loss of my sketchbook is what will affect this blog the most. It contained over a year of ideas, concepts and documentation. In the last weeks hardly a day went by without me missing some information out of it…

Anyway, all this I write to prove to the world that I still exist and keep doing the good stuff. Some of the things that happened were somewhat unpleasant (Ha! Ok! Let’s be honest: people have been driven to axe murder with less) but let me tell you: I am happy and healthy. And, as always, I promise I will write more often in the future. So stay tuned!


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