Even though this years was by far my best [Fusion Festival] there’s not too much I remember about it musicwise. I’ll leave it up to you to imagine why ;) Anyway, in retrospective, I find two acts worth mentioning, simply because they were exactly as entertaining as I expected them to be:
Be Svendsen had me rocking for two hours straight. He was an heavy rotation already before I got to the festival, but now it’s even worse. My favorite: Black Tower Hotel

Douglas Greed did a beautiful opening of the main stage two o’clock noon on saturday. As mentioned before, I do not favor vocal tracks, but his combo did some serious rocking. Here’s a nice podcast of his I found:

To come down, listen to Nicolas Jaars Essential Mix. I spent two hours watching the summer rain from my window listening to it. The man’s a genius…


One Response to “Music…”

  1. dr gonzo says:

    aaaah, I totally agree with your festival selection .. an honor it was to spend those day-night-twilight travellings with ‘ya

    and thanx for the nicholas jaar, finally calming down.