Update 11/11

It’s been a while since my last post, so i think you deserve a little update on my where- and whatabouts.

After spending most of the summer doing technical coordination for the [Festival Über Lebenskunst] I went directly to helping the team of Tomas Saraceno set up his exhibition at [Hamburger Bahnhof], Berlin. I really enjoyed that, Tomas having a nice team and his works keep impressing and inspiring me.

Right now, badly in need of a job to earn as much as I can before going to Thailand in January, I started a soldering job at [Koma Elektronik], helping them to assemble their circuit boards .

Of course, I kept working on the [Diskokugel], trying to improve the circuit. Read more about that [here]. I also contemplated some on my actual intentions with this object. I will share that with you soon.

And, to make things worse, I got inspired by an [instructable] to build my own CNC-mill. That is just another example of how I constantly underestimate the time and effort (and money) of the tasks I keep imposing on me. I’ve already invested 3 weeks into it without any visible result and I keep going… Il post some pictures soon, however.

On other news: Halloween came and after laughing my ass off watching this [cookie monster video] repeatedly, I had to refer to it with my costume for the annual party in Frankfurt.

God's away on bizniz...


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