Vollmond Party Weimar

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Party at the E-Werk yesterday was mostly chillout. Sunfish is two girls doing spherical live loop effects with voice and a fender rhodes. If I hadn’t been so stressed by the fact that i forgot half my equipment at home I probably could have appreciated them more. Anyway, Who-Be once again did a great job lighting the location. Who-Be also iniciated the Vollmond series. Actually part of the theater in Weimar it hosts all kinds of experimental events. Entry is free, which leads to a very mixed audience from Bauhaus and Franz Liszt students to old unempoyed folks you wouldn’t normally expect there. Sadly enough the theater itsself treats such initiatives rather like a step-child…

After the concert there wasn’t much energy in the room to set up a dancing crowd, but in the end I got the remaining people dancing.

And earned my next date for Walpurgisnacht at the E-Werk which is bound to be a party in the real sense of the word :-)

Dancehall ADD

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Just returned from a Dancehall party.

What the hell is it with these people? Theres two DJs, a sound engineer and one MC. Sounds promising if you ask me. The music they play is mostly nice, actually I’d like to know the names of some tunes I heard tonight. I’ve seen the MC on other occaasions and I know he can sing (and is a nice guy by the way).


What the fuck? Why the hell can’t I get rid of the feeling that somebody is zapping through channels here? As if they took a dancehall jukebox and gave the remote to some kid with a serious case of attention deficit disorder.
The djs can’t keep a song longer than 45 seconds. That takes us maybe 10 seconds past the intro, which has to be played at least twice (REEWIIIIND!). AT WHAT POINT SHOULD I ACTUALLY START DANCING???
All this accompanied by the continuous comments of the MC, whose eloquence is as limited as the content of his speech. 99% of his statements are requests for boody-shaking or lighter-showing, spoken fast but without rhythm or rhyme. Major turnoff…

Somehow it seems to be about Jamaican tradition, but honestly: I don’t care. I just don’t get what’s so fun about this constantly interrupted medley-playing. Theres no flow in it!
It’s just frustrating, because I like the music, but I can’t dance. I just don’t get it.  Maybe I’m just too old…

Good night.

DJ Le Frog Sportif live!

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

See me February 9th at the E-Werk in Weimar together with “sunfish”!

Fluff’n’Tough Mix 2008

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

yeah right! takes me almost 2 years to finish a new mix. no intellectual bull this time. plain down-the-brain beats’n’breaks

  • 01) moloko “familiar feeling” (timo maas rmx)
  • 02) just banks feat. blaktronix “360 degrees” (makossa & megablast rmx)
  • 03) chemical brothers “believe”
  • 04) timo maas feat. mc chickaboo “shifter”
  • 05) chemical brothers “battle scars” (beyond the wizards sleeve re-animation)
  • 06) dublex inc. “the game”
  • 07) tiki taane “favourite target”
  • 08) freestylers “boom blast”
  • 09) secta chameleon “push along”
  • 10) dreadzone “elevate” (roxiller mix)
  • 11) aquasky and ragga twins “everybody hype”
  • 12) freestylers “blowin ya brainz”
  • 13) arkarna “house on fire” (arkarna break mix)
  • 14) prodigy “smack my bitch up”
  • 15) aquasky “what can we do”

A Tribute To The Grey Days

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Winter kicked in at last here in Leipzig and it was was about time. The body was already exhausted, not knowing whether to start producing those spring-related hormones or to tell the soul to retreat into its snail-shell, get out those good old cheesy records and have a tea. Now, finally, the latter it did. And by doing so it produced a new trip-hop music mix for all of you to listen to. (more…)

Frequenzwechsel Mix #2

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

The second mix recorded live at the Frequenzwechsel radio studio in 2006. A little random, it consists mostly of old mid/end-90s records such as MRI, C-Rock and D.Diggler. Back then I was still working at the Soulfree Record Store and for PoetsClub Records (both aka Christian Kessler) while being resident DJ at the Spital Café, Wiesbaden. (more…)

Frequenzwechsel Mix #1

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

First of two mixes recorded live at the Frequenzwechsel radio studio in 2006. Nice and warm as you will notice, inspired by the summer and mostly eva be. A woman i’d like to buy a drink once, just to thank her for what she put on vinyl… (more…)

Mix: live@Spital 6/2001

Wednesday, February 21st, 2001

This one was recorded live at the Spital Cafe, Wiesbaden, where I used to resident for some years. It was on heavy rotation as “650Mb” on Weimars  student radio. Mainly a bigbeat mix, notice that in the end I turned into another direction, using d.digglers “boogiemonster” (awesome track!) as transition into deeper minimal house… Tracklist: (more…)

Sirens of 2001 Mix

Tuesday, February 20th, 2001

The third (and last) of the sirens series. As cheesy as the other ones, with some goodies and rarities. Check out the tori amos remix by king britt and “whistle, daughter, whistle”. Tracklist here: (more…)

Sirens of 1999 Mix

Saturday, February 20th, 1999

The Sirens-Series actually started in 1998 and was my first actual mix with something like a concept. Concept was to

– do a trip-hop mix with womens voices

– impress women :-)

The first mix was done directly on a tape that was destroyed before it could be digitized. This second one was also done for a tape and thus has two parts. Check out the tracklisting: (more…)